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Welcome all,

This site is dedicated to all of us that enjoy the craft of woodworking, the chore of home improvement, and the pleasure of gardening. Here we can build a library of tips, articles, and information for woodworking, home improvement, and gardening. The Internet has shown me that the collective knowledge that is found on many web communities is simply awesome. Here I ask that you contribute to the wealth of information that will be shared by all. Together we can build a great online community as we build our projects.

Here at Allwoodwork you can find all sorts of fun and useful information. There are woodworking forums, a home improvement forum, a gardening forum, articles, tips,and reviews.

I have been compiling a list of free woodworking plans from across the internet. Currently there are 337 free woodworking plans listed and I have hundreds more that I still have to add. Some of the plans are home and garden related, but most are woodworking plans. If you don't know what to build, then browse through the free woodworking plans and maybe you'll find something interesting.

There is also a woodworking chat room, home improvement chat room, gardening chat room, and "The back porch" chat room for just hanging out and shooting the breeze. Feel free to hang out in the chat rooms anytime you want, they are here for your use.

The reviews section is to help inform future buyers on the good and bad points of products before they open their wallets. If you have used a tool and feel like others should know something about it before they buy it, go head and let them know. This is for tool reviews, book reviews, magazine reviews, or any other product review of anything woodworking, home, or garden related. A honest review may save someone from making a mistake and ending up discouraged, or possibly hurt.


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1/15/06 - More articles added.



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