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Free Woodworking plans


Here are the free woodworking plans, although not all are woodworking, some are home and gardening related. I know everyone prefers free, so I have started this list of free woodworking plans. These are mostly links to the sites that are hosting these plans. If you want to contribute to the free plans, or if you find a dead link please notify me Here.

Click the appropriate letter of the word you want to jump to.

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Note: To search for a keyword use the following.

Netscape: Click the "Edit" in the tool bar, then click "Find in Page". Then just type in your keyword your looking for and it will bring you down to where the words are.

Internet Explorer: Click the "Edit" in the tool bar, then click "Find (on this page)". Then just type in your keyword your looking for and it will bring you down to where the words are.

There are currently 320 , 400 free plans listed below, and I have hundreds more to add. I will be installing a search feature later on.



Artist's Easel (3)

Aquarium Stand


Baby Changing Table

Bandsaw Resawing Guide


Bar Stool (Folding)

Bathroom Unit

Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray (2)


Bed (4-poster)

Bed (Child's)

Bed (kid's platform with storage)

Bed (Mahogany)

Bed (Mission)

Bed (Shaker Style)

Bed (Slat)

Bed (Sleigh)

Bed (Sleigh, with coopered panels)

Bed (Viking)


Beehive (2) pdf

Beehive (3) pdf

Beehive (4) pdf

Beehive (5) pdf

Bench (Carved)

Bench (Cricket)

Bench (Garden)

Bench (Garden) pdf

Bench (Garden Victorian)

Bench (Knock-Apart)

Bench (Mendocino)

Bench (Planter) pdf

Bench (Platform)

Bench (Seated with Storage)

Bench (Twig)

Bench (Upholstered)

Bird Feeder (Platform

Bird House (Bat house)

Bird House (Barn Owl)

Bird House (Kestral, Screech-owl, & squirrels)

Bird House (Natural looking)

Bird House (Peterson Bluebird)

Bird House (Purple Martin)

Bird House (Purple Martin)2

Bird House (Robin & Barn Swallow)

Bird House (Woodduck)

Bird House (Wren, Chickadee, Nuthatch)

Bird House (Tree Swallow and Eastern Bluebird)

Bird House (Small Bats)

Bird Nesting Box

Bird Table

Bird Table (2)


Bookcase (2)

Bookcase (3)

Bookcase (4)

Bookcase (5)

Bookcase (Barrister)

Bookcase (Built-in)

Bookcase (Built-in with Mantle)

Bookcase (/End Table) pdf

Bookcase (Knock down)

Bookcase (Two Piece)

Bookcase (Traditional)

Bookcase (Trapezoidal)

Bookends (Teddy Bear)


Box (Bible)

Box (Bread)

Box (Jewelery) pdf

Box (Jewelery, Classic)

Box (Keepsake)

Box (like an old style open tool box)

Box (Planter) pdf

Box (Routered)

Box (Router Bit storage)

Bread Knife

Breakfast Bar

Business Card Holder


Cabinet (9 drawer)

Cabinet (Carved)

Cabinet (Compact TV)

Cabinet (Corner)

Cabinet (Corner)2 pdf

Cabinet (Corner Hanging)

Cabinet (Curved Bedside)

Cabinet (display)

Cabinet (Display)2 pdf

Cabinet (Drill press)

Cabinet (Dry sink)

Cabinet (Dry Sink)2

Cabinet (Gun)

Cabinet (Hanging wall)

Cabinet (Hoosier)

Cabinet (Kneewall)

Cabinet (Rustic Cedar)

Cabinet (Stereo)

Cabinet (Stereo)2

Cabinet (Shaker style storage)

Cabinet (TV)

Cabinet (TV/VCR with Swivel)

Cabriole Leg

Casement Window

Cake Stand

Cart (Mobile Kitchen)

Cart (Mobile Kitchen)2

Cat Tree and Scratching Post

CD Cabinet

CD Rack

CD Rack (2)

CD Rack (3)

CD Rack (4)

CD Storage Side Table


Chair (Adirondack Style)

Chair (Adirondack Style 2)

Chair (Adirondack Style Rocking)

Chair (Carved Dining)

Chair (Carved Dining)2

Chair (Chaise Lounge)

Chair (Chattahoochee)

Chair (Child's Rocking)

Chair (Child's Rocking)2

Chair (Morris)

Chair (Outdoor Rietveld)

Chair (Patio/Loveseat)

Chair (reclining patio)

Chair (Rocking, Arts & Crafts Style)

Cheese Press

Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers (2)

Chest of Drawers (3)

Chest (16th Century Linenfold)

Chest (file cabinet)

Chest (Hope)

Chest (Hope, Frame & Panel)

Chest (Pioneer)

Chest (Storage)

Chest (Tansu)

Chest (Viking)

Chinese Abacus Lamp

Chinese Scroll Picture Frame

Chisel Cabinet

Chisel Sharpening Jig

Clamp Extensions

Clamps for holding odd shapes

Clamp Storage


Clock (Tall)

Clock (Desk)

Clock (Shaker Wall)

Clock (Shop)

Clock (Wall)

Closet Organizer

Closet Organizer pdf

Coat Hanger (Carved Owl)

Coat Rack

Coat Rack (2)

Coat Rack (3)

Cookbook Holder

Cookbook Holder (2)

Corner Shelf



Deck pdf

Desk (Computer work station)

Desk (Davenport)

Desk (Office)

Desk (Office 2)

Desk (Office 3)

Desk (Secretary)

Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer (2)

Dog House pdf

Dog House (2)


Dresser (kid's)

Drill Press Table

Dust Collector (Drill Press)


Edge Sander

Egg Cups and Stand

Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center (2)

Entertainment Center (Basic)

Entertainment Center (TV Stand)

Entertainment Center (TV Cabinet)

Extension Cord Storage Rack

Extra Long Drum Sander


Feather Boards For Tablesaw

Fence pdf

File Cabinet (Mobile)

Flag Display Case pdf

Flag DisplayCase (2)


Garbage Can

Garbage Can (2)

Garden Basket

Garden Plant Stands

Gazebo pdf


Globe Stand (Arts & Crafts)

Golf Caddy


Greenhouse (2)

Greenhouse (3)

Greenhouse (mini cold frame)

Gumball Machine


Hammock Frame pdf

Harp (Celtic)

Headboard (Contemporary)

Hose/Cord Holder


Humidor (2)

Humidor (3)

Humidor (4)



Jig (Cut off sled)

Jig (Dovetail)

Jig (Drill press adjustable angle)

Jig (Ball Drilling)

Jig (Box Joints)

Jig (Disk sander circle)

Jigs (Tablesaw Miter)

Jig (Edge Gluing)

Jig (Dado)

Jig (Hinge Placement)

Jig (Pattern Cutting on the Table Saw)

Jig (Tablesaw Crosscut Sled)


Kitchen Organizer

Kite (Wright Bros. 1899)

Knife Block

Knife Rack


Lamp (Crooked Bedside)

Lamp (Mission-style)

Lamp (Floor, Arts & Crafts Stlye)

Lathe guard

Lawn Ornament (Snowman) pdf

Lazy Susan

Live Catch Rabbit Trap

Live Catch Rabbit Trap (2)

Lumber Storage Rack


Magazine Rack

Mantle (Carved with Surround)

Mantle (Federal)

Mantle (built-in with bookcases)

Mah Jong Box

Mailbox Stand/Planter

Mirror Frame

Mirror Frame (Carved)

Mobile Base


Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder (2)



Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder (2)

Picnic Table

Picture Frame

Pie Safe

Plant Stand (Folding)

Plant Stand (Tiered) pdf

Planter (Raised Bed)

Planter (Picket fence) pdf


Planter Box

Plate Rack

Puppet (Dancing Duck)

Puzzle Box


Quilt Hanger


Rocking Horse

Rope Carving

Router Bit Storage Drawer

Router Table

Room Divider (Privacy Screen)


Saw Blade Storage

Screw Storage Bins

Scrollsaw Blade Storage Drawer

Shed (4x6')

Shed (8x10')

Shed (9x10')

Shed (Garbage can storage)

Shed (Garbage can storage)2

Shed (Garden) pdf

Shed (Garden 6x8')

Shed (Garden 10x10')


Shelf (2)

Shelf (Golf Ball Display)

Shelf (Router bit Storage)

Shelf (Traditional Hanging)

Shelves (Built-in)

Shelves (Utility)

Shelving Unit

Shelving (Storage)

Smoke House

Solar Fruit Dryer

Solar Kiln

Spice Rack


Stand (Music)

Stool (Ergonomic)

Stool (Foot 2)

Stool (Foot 3)

Stool (Foot)4

Stool (Foot)5

Stool (Step)

Stool (Queen Ann, Foot)

Swing pdf



Table (Antiqued Pine)

Table (Arts & Crafts Style Side)

Table (Bedside)

Table (Coffee)

Table (Coffee)2

Table (Coffee)3

Table (Coffee Carved)

Table (Coffee Modern)

Table (Coffee Spiral)

Table (Console)

Table (Drafting)

Table (End)

Table (End)2

Table (End)3

Table (End)4

Table (Farm)

Table (Folding Router)

Table (Hide-away pullout extension)

Table (kids activity)

Table (Mini Router, for small rotatry tools)

Table (Molly Brown Parlor)

Table (night)

Table (outdoor patio with chairs)

Table (outdoor patio with benches)2

Table (Potting)

Table (Side, Storage for CDs)

Table (Tavern)

Table (utility)

Table (Vineyard)

Tablesaw Sled

Tablesaw cabinet

Toy Car

Toy Dog

Toy Stove

Tray (flag)

Tray (Serving)

Tray (Serving)2

Tray (Tea)


Twig Privacy Screen


Umbrella Stand




Walking Stick (Carved)

WaterStone Holder

Workbench (Garden)


Workshop Bench

Workshop Bench (2)

Workshop Bench (3)

Workshop Bench (4)

Workshop Bench (5)

Workshop Bench (6)

Workshop Bench (7)

Workshop Bench (Relief Carver's)


Xylophone (for kids)



Yo-Yo (2)

Yo-Yo (3)


Zen Rock Garden


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